Ten things I miss in Oz!

As you may know, life in London has been insane and an absolute dream for multiple reasons. One of the best musical theatre courses in the world, a dreamy autumn unfolding daily, seeing countless cheap West-End shows… I could just go on and on! But as today is my two-month ‘anniversary’ (cringe, I know) in London, I was journalling of life here and found myself on a thought train of things I love about home. Behold, a list of things I absolutely miss from Oz!

  1. Acknowledgement/Welcome To Country

    The start of absolutely everything I go to, truly just feels empty. Every place I go around town, I wonder about it’s history and realise how lucky we are in Oz to be reminded of the Traditional Owners and get to know a bit more about their mob. Concerts and musicals just start and that is the norm here, I’m constantly reminded of my culture over here during these moments and can’t wait to be welcomed home again one day soon!

  2. Great tap water

    What I wouldn’t do to go to any tap in Tassie and know the clarity I’m about to consume… it’s no joke that the water here is weird even on a good day. Showers feel different, my hair texture has changed, my health feels different and the taste is so average. Truly we are blessed with the best water in Tassie and I can’t wait for a glass!

  3. Daylight past 4.30pm

    This is something about the UK that I truly find so disheartening every day since daylight savings. It literally starts to get dark every day around 4:15pm for a roughly FOUR THIRTY SUNSET. Like the UK is doing the MOST when it comes to saving the daylight, gurl they have days worth of daylight in the bank.

  4. BRUNCH.

    This one caught me a bit off guard, but brunch isn’t really a thing here. Crazy. “All day breakfast” is a thing but I honestly just miss the word! I’m headed straight to some of faves the moment I touch down in Oz!

  5. Barely any fear of being robbed

    Man… I used to put a tripod up anywhere and film whatever I wanted. Safe to say: gone are the days. After already having my Airpod Pros stolen within my first month *cry* and watching them go down south on ‘Find My’, I truly can’t have anything else gone or stolen. My phone now lives on a crossbody lanyard at all times because the area of London I live in is one of the highest for pass by theft. The days of iPhones/iPads on cafe tables are gone unless I’m actively using them. All zips need to be fully shut and nothing goes in a pocket anymore ever. These are good safety norms to have anywhere but I really miss the comfort of filming my content without the fear of losing things forever!

  6. Real KFC.

    I don’t know who I need to talk to or how high up I need to go, but the difference between UK & AUS KFC is unbelievable. It’s like they went from 11 secret herbs & spices to “hmm maybe some pepper”. I live rather close to one here and I keep thinking maybe it’ll be different this time, but nope. Nothing beats the cheat feed that KFC is back home. I will however add a bonus point to the UK KFC for having decent Vegan options! After landing in Oz, after going for brunch, after getting a flat white, I will be bee lining for a cheeky KFC feed and I cannot wait.

  7. A flat white.

    Another one I truly took for granted back home. I’m yet to receive a flat white in England that is actually flat. Crazy aye. Most of the ‘flat whites’ I’ve received here I honestly would consider cappuccinos with the froff amount. Coffee snob things hey?

    Also.. whilst we’re here, I truly can not make sense of this UK cafe menu with the price difference of a flat white and small extra shot latte… the only difference between a latte and a flat white here is one extra shot. An extra shot is 90 pence. However a flat white is an extra £1.20… MAKE IT MAKE SENSE. I will legit buy you a flat white if you make it make sense haha!

  8. Talking to anyone on the street

    Honestly, this might sound bizarre but I truly can’t wait to just say ‘gday’ to a stranger and have that be returned. There is such a strange ‘no eye-contact, no communication’ energy in public here on the streets of London and I really miss daily stranger chats! It even feels illegal asking someone for help to check if you’re on the right tube… I acknowledge my extrovertness with this but honestly Australia’s good energy with this really is quality!

  9. Driving.

    Probably sounds normal, but what I wouldn’t give to get in my little car and go for a little drive with my hot gurl tunes on full blast. I miss ringing people whilst driving and have noticed I need to be way more active with my friendships and family as I don’t have car chats anymore. My car’s name is Tidda and I truly can’t wait to have my keys back and whizz the streets of nipaluna!

  10. Being 15 minutes from the wide outdoors.

    In both of my Aussie hometowns, I’m 15 minutes away from nature, from pure space. Moving to London was such an adjustment because every corner is jampacked for space! With a population of 9.6 MILLION plus tourists, it’s no wonder this city goes for hours. Both Tassie & WA are so lucky with wide-open country that is beautiful and abundant. There is nothing like the open country and iconic scenery back home!