From little things, big things grow

Almost twenty years ago my dad (Father John) taught his little kindergarten girl the value of a $2 coin. Each week in primary school a lady would come into my classroom to collect my little yellow Commonwealth Dollarmites bag that she’d take to the bank each week. It seemed such a small amount and I definitely could’ve taken it to the canteen instead to buy a little bag of lollies, but somehow we managed to stay consistent.

I kept this up into my teens/adult life and my weekly deposits were ever-changing and dependant on my inconsistent artist income and student budgets, but always a minimum $2. I never touched this money until this week. This week I bought my first home. 🏡

Over the years that small habit of $2 a week grew with consistency, interest rates and an inability to touch it. Now here I am today, a HOMEOWNER. At this point, most of my adulthood so far I’ve been a student and then combined with my few working years in the arts during the pandemic, this really seems impossible. But my dad really made a difference in my life from a young age and now I own a house that in a few years will be a renovated joy! My tenants are low and behold the same people who put me on this earth – how bizarre when life comes full circle!

I’m so grateful for this first step into the housing market and watching this principle from my youth take its full form in this 3 bedroom renovator’s dream. If I’m blessed with children of my own one day you must believe they are getting yellow savings bags and $2 coins!