Hey there – welcome! 

My name is Naarah, pronounced ‘nay-ah-rah’. 

I’m an actor, performer and creative who failed music at school but now works entirely in the wonderful world of the arts. I’m a Gija woman from the Kimberley but proudly grew up in my little island home of Tassie. I spend my days wrapped in the creative world and so far, it’s brought me on a wild journey! 

Aside from all things artsy, you’ll find me outdoors, exploring some amazing corners of this world, at a specialty coffee spot, in the sunshine, at pilates, or most definitely at brunch. Although spread out across both Australia and the world, my family & mob mean the world to me – with a special shoutout to my Mummah Barnes, who if you keep following my journey you’ll definitely come to know and adore. As my Mummah said, I was always singing before I was talking and dancing before I was walking. 

So here I am writing and here you are reading – one huge welcome to you! Thanks for being curious enough to click on my name. 

Much love, 

Naarah x


Currently: LONDON


After ‘winging it’ in the industry in Australia for the last few years, I’ve finally been accepted into a drama school and one of the best in the world at that, the Royal Academy of Music in London! I’m having the time of my life studying Musical Theatre full-time and working with some of the west-end’s best. Thank you to Disney Theatrical and Aurora Education Foundation for making this life-changing opportunity possible. I look forward to re-joining the industry stronger than ever in June 2024!

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