Hey there – welcome to my little online world! Here’s a little about me… 


I’m Naarah. A gal who wants the most out of life – stays in one place too little and constantly sings too much. I spend my days wrapped in the creative world, including performing, writing, singing, acting, dancing, teaching and so far, it’s brought me on a wild journey!

As my Mummah Barnes always said, I was singing before I was talking and dancing before I was walking.  


Aside from all things artsy, you’ll find me outdoors, exploring some amazing corner of this world, at a specialty coffee spot, in the sunshine, at pilates, or most definitely at brunch (best word in the English language FYI). Although spread out across both Australia and the world, my family mean the world to me – with a special shoutout to @mummahbarnes, who if you keep following my journey you’ll definitely come to know and adore. 


So here I am writing and here you are reading – one huge welcome to you! Thanks for being curious enough to click on my name. 

Much love, Naarah x


What's on now?

The Sunshine Club

I am currently working in beautiful Meanjin (Brisbane QLD), rehearsing  Wesley Enoch’s ‘The Sunshine Club’ – a phenomenal story and show at the world class QPAC!